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Jura Giga X3 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura is a Swiss brand designing and manufacturing automatic machines that create a fresh bean and fresh milk coffee at the touch of a button. Known worldwide for their reliability and coffee quality, the Giga X3 is no exception, creating flat whites, cappuccinos and café lattes with up to 43 programmable drink settings, all adjustable to suit your taste. This is perfect for a med to large office and will easily produce up to 120 coffees a day. The Giga X3 is available in a tank or plumbed version, which gives you more options when considering the placement of the coffee machine, should direct water supply not be easily accessed.


  • New – Flat white drink setting
  • Digital touch friendly technology
  • Easy operation – Self serve coffee machine
  • Easy maintenance and automatic cleaning cycles
  • Single ceramic grinder
  • Colour: Aluminium
  • 43 programmable settings
  • Uses a Claris: Pro Blue filter
  • Suitable for up to 120 coffees a day

Dimensions: 37 x 56.5 x 49.7cm (W x H x D)