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Jura Claris Water Filter for Tanked Coffee Machines

If you have a Jura coffee machine that is not plumbed into the water mains, you will require a water filter to be installed in the water tank. This will keep your machine healthy, the coffee tasting great and remove unwanted sediment and chlorine from your water. Note: Jura have different filters to suit different […]


Milk Steam Cappuccino Cleaner 1Litre

Keeping the milk residue to a minimum is essential to the smooth running of your coffee machine. If residue builds up this may impair your coffee flavour and lead to a blockage inside the machines mechanics. Use the milk steam cleaner every day or a few times a day depending on the quantity of coffees […]


Triple Action Descale

De-scaling your coffee machine removes coffee oils, scale build up and dissolves the milk residue. The Triple Action Formula is gentle on the coffee machine while being scientifically developed as a powerful one step cleaner. Having good water quality and regular descaling will ensure the maintenance of your machine. 250ml bottle


Automatic coffee machine cleaning tablets

Automatic coffee machines require a cleaning tablet, to keep your machine healthy and your coffee tasting at its best. The tablet works by removing residue build up that rinsing alone cannot remove. Avail in 3 sizes 100, 30 and 14 tablet packs


Vending Chocolate for Automatic Hot Choc Machines

Try our Vienna rich drinking chocolate, perfect as a drinking chocolate and has been formulated for vending machines, ensuring tunnelling and clogging issues are avoided. A rich and creamy, smooth velvet hot chocolate each time. Sold in bulk: Carton size 10kg (10 packets of 1kg bags)


21 Litre Milk Fridge

The 21 Litre fridge has customised milk hose outlets, allowing you to connect your coffee machine directly with your milk, while still inside the fridge.

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